About us


Krommenhoek has all the facilities to supply equipment tailored to your specific requirements. All the machinery goes through a standard procedure at our location in Apeldoorn in the central Netherlands. Before delivery, all equipment is professionally cleaned and checked.

Krommenhoek also has a special programme to supply custom-made equipment. Do you have your eye on a machine, but it doesn’t fully meet your requirements? Then we can supply it in any colour and configuration you wish. Adaptations – big or small – are always possible. Ask us about the possibilities of the Krommenhoek Custom-Made programme!

Krommenhoek has a large stock of attachments to allow multifunctional deployment of equipment. If you want to buy a special attachment for your machine, we can supply it from stock or on order.

If you want to know the technical condition of a machine before you purchase it, we can arrange for an independent technical report drawn up on request. So you know exactly what you can expect before you buy.


Krommenhoek offer customers the possibility to organise transport quickly and efficiently.?We can arrange transport to any country in the world: by road, sea or rail. We take the utmost care to ensure that all equipment is transported in a safe and fast way. And with our years of experience we always know how to do it right.

Krommenhoek has its own truck and low-loader to transport any machine to its destination. Of course you can also transport your equipment for yourself. In that case we ensure it is loaded safely and quickly. Krommenhoek has all the facilities needed for this in-house, such as a loading ramp, different forklift trucks or a crane.


For decades, Krommenhoek has been exporting equipment to countries all over the world. All machinery is delivered to the correct address safely and quickly, with the utmost care and attention.

Krommenhoek can organise the entire logistic process for you, and make sure that all export requirements are met. And if you wish we can take care of all the export documentation for you, such as an EUR1 certificate or a certificate of origin.

Krommenhoek is also a Netherlands RDW certified company, so we can export registered vehicles quickly and easily. And if you want to have the vehicle insured on the way to its destination we can offer appropriate insurance.

In short, we have all the in-house knowledge and experience to get your equipment to its destination swiftly and safely, so it’s quickly ready for use.